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Announcing the Indiana Digital Rhetoric Symposium

Indiana University will host the first Indiana Digital Rhetoric Symposium next spring (April 9-11, 2015). The 2.5-day event is designed to foster conversations at the intersections of rhetoric, media, and technology, and seeks to (1) explore Perspectives and Definitions of Digital Rhetoric and (2) articulate the ways in which digital rhetoric connects to, yet is distinct from, digital humanities. The conference will include a mix of invited speakers (listed below) and 7-9 selected presenters from an open call for proposals. The goal is to create a setting in which established and emerging scholars can critically explore the implications, possibilities, and gradations of digital rhetoric. For more details, see the full CFP.

Confirmed Speakers:
Liz Losh – UC San Diego – Opening Keynote
Collin Brooke – Syracuse University – Closing Keynote
Annette Vee – University of Pittsburgh
Casey Boyle – University of Texas at Austin
Anne Wysocki – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Jim Brown, Jr. – Rutgers University-Camden
Thomas Rickert – Purdue University
Kathleen Blake Yancey – Florida State University
Nathaniel Rivers – St. Louis University
Sarah Arroyo – California State University, Long Beach
Doug Eyman – George Mason University
Jody Shipka – University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Jeff Rice – University of Kentucky
Laura Gurak – University of Minnesota
Byron Hawk – University of South Carolina
Lydia Wilkes – Indiana University
Bill Hart-Davidson – Michigan State University
Dave Reider – NC State University

Symposium Dates: April 9-11, 2015
Call for Proposals: Submissions due 12/15/14
Location/Venue: Indiana University – Bloomington, IN

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